The Flash Championship

It’s an Open Comp, which means there is no minimum requirement, just REGISTER, turn up on the day and #GetClimbing. It will be fun, challenging, and exciting, and you’ll hopefully rub (broad) shoulders with some of the best climbers in the UK.

The event follows a world cup format with 2 qualifying sessions on the Saturday and the semi-final and final on the Sunday. All the Blocs will be set by an infamous bunch: Jamie Cassidy, Yann Genoux, Andy Long, Jason Pickles and Rob Napier. It’s a strong team this year with a huge amount of experience at both national and international level, so expect to be tested; mentally and physically!

The Showcase Final will take place on  Sunday evening in front of a huge live crowd and will also be the first UK climbing competition to be shown live on UK TV around the UK!!!!


To help us cater for as many climbers as possible, the qualifiers will be split into 2 sessions: Qualifier A and B. Qualifier A will take place on Saturday morning, Qualifier B on Saturday afternoon. You can select your preferred session when you register online.

The qualifying round is the informal part of the competition where climbers self-mark their own score card as they attempt 30 problems. The problems will be a range of difficulty, starting at Font 5+ and get harder (and harder).

We welcome entries from individuals, senior teams* and youth teams . If you are part of a team, your individual score will still be eligible for the Championship Competition.

The highest scoring 20 males and 20 females from the qualifiers will go through to the Semi Final on Sunday morning.

Read the Rules.

*All team members must be Highball regulars, i.e. Visit several times over the year and be mixed gender.

Semi Final

The Semi Finals will take place on the DMM Comp Wall. The 20 men and women who qualified will take on 4 boulders ‘on sight’ with 5 minutes per boulder (5Dead). Each problem will be judged independently. The highest scoring 6 males and 6 females will go through to the Grand Final.

Read the rules below.

Grand Final

The climax of the festival will be Sunday evening’s Grand Final, which will take place on the DMM Comp Wall. Each finalist will attempt 4 boulders each in the 4 minutes plus format.

It’s going to be a very exciting couple of hours and every competitor will feel the energy and support of an excited Highball crowd, who will cheer on the finalists as they crank, crimp, and crush their way up the blocs!

Note: The Big Flash Grand Final format will continue to be 4Plus. It’s a showcase final and the jewel in the Highball calendar, designed to excite and inspire the watching crowd. Adopting the IFSC’s 4Dead format would, in our opinion, be detrimental to the show. The show must go on.

Read the rules below.

The Big Flash 2019 Summary



Saturday 12th – Sunday 13th October 2019


REGISTRATION OPEN MONDAY – spaces are limited.
All events and registrations cost £10, with 100% of proceeds going to our chosen charities.
Head here for age categories


The Flash Championship Qualifiers
Qualifier A – 10:30-13:30
Qualifier B – 14:00-17:00

The top 20 scoring Male & Female competitors go through to the semi-final on Sunday.


The Big Flash Semi-Final 
Isolation Opens – 9:30
Isolation Closes – 10:30
Semi-Finals start – 11:00

Top 6 Scoring Male & Female competitors go through to the final, starting at 18:00.

The Big FlashGrand Final

Isolation Opens – 16:30
Isolation Closes – 17:30
Finals start – 18:00

All times subject to change….

Prize Money – 2019

Individual Prizes – Male & Female Categories

Sponsor this category – contact us

  • 1st £500
  • 2nd £350
  • 3rd £200
  • 4th £150
  • 5th £125
  • 6th £100

Highball Heroes – Male & Female Categories

Sponsor this category – contact us

  • 1st £200
  • 2nd £120
  • 3rd £100

Senior Team Prizes – Senior Categories

  • 1st £200
  • 2nd £120
  • 3rd £100

As the big prizes will go to the ‘Big Guns’, our Senior team event is reserved for Local Highball Members only.
Teams need to have 4 members (no more or less), be a mix of gender and all team members must have an active Annual Membership.

Youth Team Prizes – Youth Categories

Sponsor this category – contact us

  • 1st £200
  • 2nd £120
  • 3rd £100

This year the Youth Category will become a open team event. Teams need to have 4 members (no more or less), be a mix of gender with at least one member from each of the following age categories: Youth A, B and C+.


Any Youths taking part in the Flash Championship will be climbing the same problems as the adults – there are no youth specific problems. Parents/Guardians, please be aware of this and consider the TBC Comp for younger children.




  1. All problems will be clearly marked, with fixed starting positions for both hands and there may also be premarked holds for feet.
  2. The finishing hold will be clearly marked in the same colour as the starting holds.
  3. The zone hold will be clearly marked in Blue Tape. It must be held, not just touched, in order to count.
  4. Competitors are permitted to use brushes to clean any holds they can reach whilst standing on the ground. Higher holds can be brushed (or brushed for you) as long as you do not touch/inspect the holds.
  5. An attempt is classed as successful once the finishing hold has been held with both hands (‘matched’) in a controlled manner and the judge says OK.
  6. The qualifying round adopts exactly the same format as our normal bouldering leagues/Comp nights, but has slightly different scoring (see below).
  7. The Semi Final and Final Rounds run in accordance to the [IFSC Rules], with a few exceptions. We’ve summarised the exceptions below and also noted the key points for each round for those not so familiar with the rule book!
  8. Both the Semi Final and Final have 4 problems for each competitor, which are to be climbed in a set order with timed climbing periods and rest periods.


  1. Competitors can choose which qualifying session (A or B) to take part in when registering online. Each session is 3 hours long.
  2. There are 30 numbered problems in the qualifying round – competitors can climb them in any order.
  3. There is no isolation, all competitors can watch and communicate with others during the session.
  4. This round is self-scoring – mark down your attempts and progress accurately as you go. Judges will be present and any cheating will be suitably highlighted!
  5. Competitors have a maximum of three attempts per problem. A successful first attempt is worth 10 points, a successful second attempt is worth 7 points, a successful third attempt is worth 4 points. Holding the bonus hold is worth 1 bonus point, however this point will not be included in your overall score. The bonus point only come into play in the event of a tie break i.e. your score could be 160 points plus 18 bonus points. 16 flashes and 18 bonuses.
  6. In the event of a broken hold, a loose hold, or anything else which results in unfair advantage or disadvantage to any competitor, the problem must be repaired. The competitor can make another attempt on the problem.
  7. Once both qualifying rounds have taken place, all competitors will be ranked in order of total points scored, then bonus points.
  8. The Top 20 male and female competitors will proceed to the Semi Final.


  1. Each competitor will have 6 problems to climb.
  2. There is 5 minutes climbing time per problem, no more. i.e. when the clock gets to 00:00 your time is up and you must descend the wall.
  3. The problems must be climbed on-sight, with no observation time.
  4. Competitors will be held in isolation until they are ‘called to climb’ their first problem.
  5. The starting order will be in reverse order of qualification i.e. if you qualified last, you will climb first.
  6. Competitors do not return to isolation in between problems, they must sit in front of the next problem they are to attempt, facing away from the competition wall.
  7. Each problem will have an allocated judge, who will be responsible for scoring.
  8. The top 6 male and female competitors will proceed to the final.


  1. Each competitor will have 4 problems to climb.
  2. Competitors will be held in isolation before and during the Final, except for the observation period.
  3. Before the start of the final, all competitors will have 2 minutes observation per problem, before returning to isolation.
  4. The starting order will be in reverse order of qualification i.e. if you qualified last, you will climb first.
  5. Each competitor will have ‘4 minutes plus’ (4Plus) on each problem, i.e. if you are on the wall when the timer gets to 00:00, you can continue climbing until you fall off or complete the problem.
  6. There will be allocated judges who will be responsible for scoring.
  7. Competitors will return to the main isolation in between climbing the final problems.