What is That Boulder Comp (TBC)?

That Boulder Comp (previously NuKids) is our extremely popular social comp aimed at those climbing up to font 6b+. It kicks off the The Big Flash Weekend on the Friday and has been fully booked for the last 4 years. In fact, we even have to turn people away at the door because they hadn’t registered online!

Due to demand, there are two 3 hour ‘TBC’ sessions on the Friday. The first starts at 16:00 and the evening session starting at 19:15; each with 125 spaces. The earlier session is always popular with families and younger climbers and the evening session is mostly adults. If you fancy a long weekend then why not finish work early on the Friday and enter the 16:00 session? This will help free up spaces in the evening!

At the end of the 2 sessions, the scores will be combined and the top 3 in each category will be called to the podium before The Flash Championship Final on the Sunday Evening (time to be confirmed).

Who can enter?

Anyone of any age! As long as you’re generally climbing up to/around 6a (V0 to V2/3), then this competition is for you. However, if you can fairly consistently flash most 6a’s and some 6b’s (V3+4’s), then this may not be for you; you’ll risk being a ‘TopGun’ (see below) and should probably be entering The Flash Championship. Head here for age categories.

How does it work?

Register for session A or B online and make a £10 donation (100% of which goes to charity) to confirm your place, turn up, collect your scoresheet, and then get climbing. Yes, it’s that simple.

There are 30 problems to climb and you ‘self score’ based on the number of attempts it takes to climb them. You get 10 points if you ‘Flash’ it (climb it on your first attempt); 7 points for a successful second attempt, 4 points for a 3rd attempt, 2 points if you manage to climb it within the session (unlimited attempts) and then 1 point if you only manage to get to the bonus hold, but do not ‘top’ the problem.

Enter On Your Own Or As A Team

You can enter as an individual or as team, which quadruples the fun! Teams need to have 4 members of mix gender, but be warned! If one of your team Top Guns, your team score will not count. Select your team mates carefully!

What’s stopping someone ‘good’ from entering, flashing everything and winning?

After setting the 30 blocs, the setters will grade them all and come up with a secret score which becomes the ‘TopGun Score’. For example, if the setters think the TopGun should be 254 points, anyone who equals or beats this score would be classed as a ‘TopGun’ and therefore deemed too good for the comp – it’s a positive disqualification!

We know lots of you enter the #TBC nights just to achieve ‘TopGun’ status, but as spaces are limited for The Flash Weekend, please make sure you enter the right comp and leave the spaces for those who need them, unless that is, you’re going to enter both competitions!

Am I a TopGun?

Only you will know that! If you think you’re in a grey area between #TBC and The Flash Championship, just enter and see how you get on, or speak to a member of the crew for advice.

Rules and How to Score

Our standard rules page has a sample score card and info on how to self score as well as the basic rules for a TBC night.

What’s up for grabs?

There will be cash prizes for the top 3 finishers in each category: Adult Senior (Male & Female), Youth A, Youth B, Youth C+. For full details on age categories go here.

  • 1st – £50
  • 2nd – £30
  • 3rd – £20

Also, there will be prizes for the ranks of the qualifying teams:

  • 1st – £100
  • 2nd – £60
  • 3rd – £40

Anything Else…?

Pizza. Lots of freshly made wood fired pizza; a great atmosphere; and beer (if you’re old enough!).